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I returned the following day to the gardens with my camera as the light had changed and was mainly overcast – the walk from my cottage runs along the shore through some light woodland – and the sea appeared almost more beautiful in the grey…giving it a metallic mirror like quality.

I love these palm trees...it seems like an oxymoron in the hebrides

Old greenhouses...are wonderful - I hope to be the proud owner of one some day. I tried to capture the crisp reflections on this...I am not sure I achieved this in detail - perhaps they are just indecipherable due to the angle and the light.

The colours seem unreal on this old tree...perhaps it is mould ?

This reminds me of the 'Ents' from Lord of the Rings...

Lichen is what keeps these walls alive to me....as if their former glory is redefined every 10 years with new layers


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These are photographs I took on a sunny afternoon on a walk from my cottage to the Torosay castle gardens…the island has a vast expanse of mountain and lakes (lochs) but very few traditional tended gardens.

I am not hugely confident with a camera..I did however find the ‘vivid’ option on the colour scheme of the camera which I felt gave the images the sharpness in colour which was in fact totally accurate on this particular day.

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