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Brief:  Working with stitches and threads to make marks and create texture..

I have never really done any sewing…(this seems odd considering my desire to study textiles)..and for this reason it took me a considerable amount of time to ‘mentally’ warm up.  I did everything the wrong way round…finding it impossible to follow the simple instructions specified by the course literature.  In fact I started on Stage 6 and finished by completing stages 1 & 2.

I have tried to insert a few examples here for the learning log in as logical an order as possible.

Machine Embroidery

I bought my first sewing machine 2 months ago – it is quick and effective.  I confess to having snapped a few needles in the learning process…

I also find that, more often than not, the underside of the cloth with the tangle of bobbin threads is much more appealing.  I like it when there is a big loopy dense mess.  Unfortunately I think this will result in a short lifespan for my new machine.

Machine stitching: Testing and varying the tension of the bobbin and upper threads

I have also experimented with making a few different types of paper – after reading Drawn to Stitch by Gwen Hedley from the reading list.

In this example I layered cotton string and embroidery threads between newsprint and tracing paper – overlaying this with machine stitch in various parts.  The reason I have used this example is because I like the blurred effect that the tracing paper gives – it makes the picture look in and out of focus simultaneously.  The stitches are crisp and vivid and the threads below obscured.  This is something I would like to study more in the future.

Machine stitching on newsprint and tracing paper

Hand Embroidery

After initially feeling frustrated at the time constraints of hand embroidery – I returned again to it in the last week and found something infinitely satisfying in the slow controlled stitching.  I read an article called ‘Beauty Therapy’ in the most recent issue of Selvedge magazine (issue 46 May/June 2012) which discusses the brain’s responses to beauty from the perspective of aesthetic philosphers and psychologists alike.  Whilst it is undoubtedly a personal feeling as to what one likes/dislikes, the article suggests that the human brain likes visuals that make sense – drawing security from predictability.  At the same time however, it is drawn to interest in detail and exploration within that environment.  This is something I find infinitely fascinating and again would like to explore this in the future.  Hand embroidery would seem like a good medium for this.

Stage 1 of Project 2 suggests trying some stitches out.  I enjoyed this…simple but effective.

Straight Stitching

Chevrons (a)

Chevrons (b)

French Knots


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