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In my recent post ‘Mark making research…work I like‘ – my final example of work was by a Canadian artist named Val Nelson who uses the ‘blind drawing’ technique in this example of her work.  When I emailed Val to request her permission in using her work as an example – she was very kind in her response, granting me full persmission and encouraging me to try it myself.

After finding an old red moleskin diary from 2011 (completely empty as per each preceding year) – I am using this as my mobile sketchbook instead of throwing it away.   Over the years I have collected many old scrappy books so this seems the perfect opportunity to start using them…recycling makes me feels good.

Learning to draw from the beginning again is frightening.  I read in the college guide that you should draw anything, anywhere and practice, practice and practice more… and so it begins.

One of the things I am trying to learn is to sketch quickly without hesitation or fear of making mistakes…so I take less and less time on each drawing..

Starting in the kitchen…


Kitchen at work. 5 minute sketch.

Craignure Pier. 5 min sketch.

As my blind drawings are a little chaotic, I often end up scribbling over them to create some kind of form.  I like the freedom of line that drawing without looking at the paper gives you – it becomes much more exciting visually.


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